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Unsexy Business by Jamie Waller

To be launched in April 2018!

Entrepreneurs making thrilling amounts of cash in remarkably dull sectors

Unsexy Business isn’t so much a ‘how to’ book, but more of a ‘how I did it’ masterclass as Jamie Waller meets fellow entrepreneurs quietly making thrilling amounts of cash in remarkably dull sectors. Each chapter features an interview with an entrepreneur talking about the challenges and opportunities of working in so-called boring sectors.

In Unsexy Business, readers will see how Mike Clare made hundreds of millions selling beds via his Dreams stores, how Matt Storey made the Rich List through selling food near its expiry date, and how Rami Ranger started his freight business with £2 from a garden shed (it now turns over £150m a year).

To read about the Author visit: jamiewaller.co.uk

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"I want to show people like me that by starting small and working hard you can make a fortune doing almost anything. Your business title might not be impressive, but your bank balance will be.”